How To Tell What Apps Are Running On Your Mac

Mac is undoubtedly a great operating system. But, after constant use you might find some issues on your Mac. You might find that your Mac is running slow or it is taking forever to respond to your commands. You might be able to find the issue in the running apps. So, how to see all running apps on Mac? It could be that there are apps that have not been shut down completely and they are running in the background. So, how to tell what apps are running on your Mac? In this blog, we’ll have a look at some easy ways on how

How To Open Applications On Mac or Find Background Running Apps in Mac

If you are scratching your head as to how to open applications on Mac or how to turn off programs running in the background on Mac, here are the ways.

1. Via Activity Monitor

If you want to know how to view all open apps on a Mac, you can take the help of Activity Monitor which shows everything – from apps to processes to even activities. You can reach it by first going to Applications and then to Utilities. You would find all the apps listed alphabetically.   

Another reason why Activity Monitor is a great way of finding out how to view all open apps on a Mac is because you can check apps by memory, processor load and various other factors.

No for any problematic apps if you want to find out how to turn off the program running in the background, simply select it and click on the ‘X’ icon at the topmost left.

2. You Can Use A Mac Cleaning Utility

If you have exhausted all ways and means and want to know how to turn off programs running in the Mac background, you can take aid of a Mac cleaning utility such as Smart Mac Care. With the help of Smart Mac Care you can improve the Mac’s boot time by removing startup apps, delete redundant data from Mac, and scan Mac for background processes, junk data and all kinds of spyware and malware. And, all of it with just one-click.  

3. How To See All Active Apps On Mac? Try The Dock

Many Mac users want to figure out how to see all active apps on Mac. The answer can be found at the dock itself at the bottom of the screen where you can find app icons. The dock shows app icons of all those apps which are currently open. It also signifies the running apps by placing a white glowing dot below the apps which are currently active.

4. Using The Force Quit Menu

“How do I see what is running in the background on my Mac?” is a burning question that many users want to find an answer. To view running apps you can use the Force Quit Window. Now, the next question that might pop up in your head is how do I see what is running in the background on my Mac using the Force Quit Menu.

1. Press Option + Command + Esc together. You should now see all the apps running on your Mac especially the ones that are unresponsive

2. If you wish to quit these unresponsive apps. Simply select the app and click on Force Quit button at the bottom right

5. Opening Applications Using The Finder

How to check all open apps on Mac? Finder could solve your issue easily.

Just like you have Windows File Explorer in Windows, Mac has a Finder. From the Finder you can launch applications and files directly. You can either launch Finder right from the dock or you can press Command + N and then open Finder. In the side par under Favorites you will be able to see Applications clicking on which you will find all the apps that are there on your Mac. Double click on an app

6. Take Assistance From Launchpad

How to see all running apps on Mac? In urgency, you may want to have a look at all the apps which are active on your Mac. Here’s the solution – on your dock, you may find a rocket-like icon which is called the Launchpad and if you are looking for a rocket fast answer to how to open applications on Mac, look no further. You will find all your apps here. The Launchpad has several pages.   

7. Terminal

The terminal app is a great way to find what apps are running on your Mac. To open it, here is the path – Applications > Utilities.  Few commands that can help you find the actively running apps on Mac are –

  • top -o rsize
  • ps aux|more
  • top -o cpu
  • ps aux

The blog holistically deals with how to open apps in Mac and how to turn off programs running in the background in Mac. While learning the manual ways of tracking and closing down apps is always recommended, it is further recommended to invest in a cleaning utility like Smart Mac care which closes down apps completely and boosts your Mac’s performance drastically.

Meta: There are times when you might want to know how to check all open apps on Mac or more specifically you might want to know how to turn off programs running in the background. Here’s how.