A Beginner’s Guide to Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant

Thinning hair can be a nightmare! It can shatter confidence levels and make you appear way older than you actually are. You may have heard about hair transplants but not sure if it is the right choice for you. This could be because of the various misconceptions about this surgery you may have heard over the years that made you unsure about whether to go for it or not. If you’re from the city of lights, you may have not found the best hair transplant in Karachi yet. This article will help you fact out the myths and answer FAQs surrounding hair transplants. Let’s start with the most common misconception:

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Do the Transplants Look Natural?

It all depends on the transplant surgeon you choose. A surgeon with years of hair transplanting experience will know how to create subtle nuances when transplanting hair follicles. Thus, giving a very natural look to your hairline. Professionals make sure that the transplanting is carried out considering the facial features, density and color of natural hair. However, hair transplant prices in Pakistan will be higher if such experienced surgeons are sought.

What Is the Best Age to Go for a Transplant?

After the age of 18, one can get a hair transplant. However, the best age to go for it is 30+ since after this age, the hair loss pattern will become fully visible. If younger patients get a transplant, they are likely to lose more hair after 10 years and the only hair left behind would be the transplanted one. Therefore, leading to an expensive re-do of the surgery.

Is The Surgery Performed On The Head Only?

Good news! No, it is not. Hair can also be transplanted on thinning eyebrows too.

Some Precautions You Should Be Careful Of Before Getting A Hair Transplant Done:

Precautions are a must for each surgery. However, the surgeon performing your hair transplant should be able to guide you best about the precautions you should take. Here are a few general precautions you should consider:

  • Ensure that the procedure room is clean and sanitized well.
  • The to-be used surgical instruments should be well sterilized as well as covered before the procedure begins.
  • The team responsible for the entire process should be wearing safety gear which includes face mask, eye wear, body gown etc.

For a more specialized precaution list please consult the person performing your hair transplant.

Does The Procedure Hurt?

 The most common dilemma among people is the extent of pain during and after the transplant treatment. There is no exact answer to this as each person tends to have a different pain threshold and what might be painful for some might not be for others. The amount of pain one faces also depends on the type of hair transplant you choose and your healing time. 

However, many people say that the pain is for a short while as recovery time is generally quick. Your doctor can once again guide you best on this issue.


Cost is always an important aspect. Can one really afford to get this surgery done? What’s the cost of hair transplant in Lahore, Karachi or any other main city? Hair transplant in Pakistan costs around Rupees Fifty Five thousand to Rupees two hundred and Fifty Five thousand.  The price depends upon the surgeon you choose, the amount of hair you want to get transplanted, location of clinic etc.  

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Final Thoughts

We hope that this article is able to clear out any misconceptions you may have about hair transplants. Innovations in hair transplanting surgery have made it even more painless, quicker, and effective. However, please consult a surgeon to figure out whether a hair transplant is the best solution to your hair problem.