Should You Repair Or Replace Your Windows?

As a homeowner, one of the greatest dilemmas you can face is the ever challenging decision of choosing between repair and replacement. A lot of home appliances always need to be periodically checked for damages that it may sustain, especially components like windows, which face the onslaught of nature. A lot of things can damage your windows over house, and this can cause many problems for you. It can loosen the security around the house, make your house excessively cold or warm, increase your electricity expenses and of course, affect the curb appeal. In all, you do not want bad windows, especially if you have plans to sell your house in the future.

Therefore, when you notice damage on your windows, it is important to know whether you should replace or repair. This is not an easy decision to make, and it would depend on a number of considerations, hence, it cannot be uniform for everyone.

In recent years, the costs of repairing home components have skyrocketed greatly, which means that most homeowners find it easier to replace components fully and install new ones instead of repairing them. The same goes for windows, as well. Unless the damage is minimal and would not require a full scale replacement, repairing it can be considered. However, for more serious cases, it is usually preferred to replace the windows completely. There are a number of reasons behind this:

  1. If your windows have visible damage, such as rot, broken panes and seals.

In this case, replacement is obviously a better choice, since it allows you to get a completely new look. Rot and broken components are not easy to repair, and the repaired portion might very easily look out of place and odd among the older panels. Not to mention, repairing will probably be quite hefty on your pocket, and you can just get a completely new look by spending a similar amount and replacing everything completely.

Drafty windows can also make your energy bills go higher. You can end up saving a lot in terms of your utility expenses if you replace old windows with newer ones.

  • If your house was built before the 1970s.

If you have an old house then it is very important to replace older components completely. This is because lead was extensively used in paints until the late 1980s, and it is highly toxic to everyone. If your house is old, there is a good chance your components were painted with lead paint.

Some people prefer to opt for repair to preserve the overall look of the house and not make it too contemporary. However, architects and firms can just as well recreate the older and original look and make the house much safer for your family.

  • Replacement offers more benefits and improved protection.

You can take advantage of the improved technology such as fibreglass and vinyl when you opt for replacement. You can customise the windows any way you wish and opt for better security measures. In short, if your windows have sustained considerable damage, it is probably a better idea to opt for a replacement than a repair service, so that you get better benefits from spending the same amount of money.