6 Questions You Must Ask a Window Replacement Contractor

Finding the right candidates for your windows installation work is a lot of work. You will have to go through a lot of research to filter down to the ones you like. But your work is not over yet. Now you will have to interview the ones you selected and ask a few things. There are tons of questions that you can ask the contractor. But for most projects, the following are 6 questions you must ask a window replacement contractor before signing the contract –

How long have you been in the business?

This is a straightforward question that will give you a lot of info on what to expect. Preferably, you should choose a contractor that can not only install the windows but also provide support when you need them. A long-standing business will be good in this regard.

Do you have license and insurance?

Many contractors cannot operate in most states without a certified license. You should check your local guidelines and ask the contractor about it. A professional windows replacement contractor will never work without a legal license.

Same is the case with insurance. Liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance is a must for any contractor. If any problem arises, you will be glad to know you are safe. Don’t just take their word; check the license and insurance certificates personally.

Can I get some references?

Ask them to give some references about their previous clients. This will help you to make sure that the contractor is legitimate. You can also check the quality and finesse of his previous installation by going through his website or social pages.

What do the estimates include?

Always ask for estimates with product details and installation charges included. Don’t accept a near about estimates as that can increase the bills to anything between 15-20%. A reputable contractor will have no problem with giving you one to one breakdown of expenses, as most windows installations use factory parts anyway.

What’s your specialty in windows?

Not every contractor is specialized in every form of windows replacement. Unless he is a general contractor, you will have to ask him his area of specialization. Maybe he is experienced in wooden windows and your project requires ceiling height dual glass pane installation. Simply asking this question will save you lots of time.

What happens after the installation?

When the installation is over, the real test of genuine contractor begins. What kind of after sales service can he provide? Will he consider a loose hinge in his warranty terms? Will he handle requests for replacement? These are some questions that you will have to get answers for.

Take a signed and written warranty contract. It should mention all the details of the maintenance and repair work that will follow after the installation. Most contractors will provide a typical 10 years warranty, which is decent. But if your contractor is promising a lifetime of support, then make sure to get all the details clear and in writing. Also, hope that the business remains in the market until that time.


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