Mac OS X free from the unwanted applications

Mac OS X
Mac OS X

This article contains information about how to make your Mac OS X free from the unwanted applications that are out of use and are using the space and are consuming unnecessary data. 

About Mac OS X This article also contains general information on this particular operating system and its beneficiaries for a company like Apple; which itself is a great technology creator and innovator. 

It is an operating system for Apple’s Macintosh. The latest version of this operating system is Mac OS Catalina. It was made publicly available on 7 October 2019. Being one of the elite companies how we can forget the efficiency and excellence of all Apple products. To safeguard ourselves from all the security issues apple always hits the door first. Being one of the most profitable companies with a high market value it always proved its worth. If you are having any type of problem with your PC or Laptop, Lenovo Service Center in Thane is the best place for your problems

As we are becoming more techno-savvy therefore our choices related to technology are becoming more peculiar. To support the heavy graphics and to give a more real HD view the company gives the new versions in which the faults of the old system are carried out. The new version also comes with a new feature which eventually shocks the market every time when Apple reveals its new mind child. Being the most used software after Microsoft it performs very well in the market. The problem of duplicity and unwanted files does not come with the Mac items. It saves you from the hazardous files by informing you in advance and also prevents the system from the virus.

This feature of Apple products makes it ahead of everyone but the cost to own an Apple product is more than any. This creates a limitation with Apple products that makes it hard for many people to make use of the wonderful Apple products. Each and every time the new product launches, it immediately makes down the price of the old versions in the market. This provides a chance for all the people to make use of the products.

As competition is very tough in the market. It creates the necessity for the companies to update the products or to launch new ones. Mac OS X has given its many products since 2001. It also paves the way for its users to regularly use the new fruits of the prestigious company. The more the technology is smooth, the more it is good among the users. The uninterrupted technology also creates a good psychological impact on the minds of the users. This makes the user happy and energetic with the work also. 

The first version of Mac OS X was released in the market on 24th March 2001. This completely replaced the Mac OS IX from the market. A product of Apple. From 2001 to 2012 this operating system was named Mac OS X. From 2013 to 2016 it was called Mac OS and after this, it regained its name of Mac OS X. 

These are the steps that will help you to make your Mac OS X free from all the irrelevant applications. 

1. Open the finder window. 2.Go to the location option. From there go to Macintosh HD. 3. Go to Application. 4. All the applications will come in the current window. 5. Now select the application which you wish to delete and right-click on that application and select ‘Move to trash’. 

Now it seems easy but there is a little problem with this. By the above things, we can only delete the application but the issue arises with the hidden files leftover after deleting the application. 

To completely get rid off of the files follow these steps. 

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Press enter on the icon and copy the name of the application and paste it on the finder option and click on the search button. After this, a new page will open and you will find the same icon with enlarging the view on that window. On the right top beside the save option you will find the + option. Click on that. Now on the top left, you will see an option called ‘This menu’ will come there. press on that. From the drop-down menu go to the ‘names’ option. 

A new box will come in which you have to type system in the search option. In that window mark it right. Now again come to the ‘this menu’ option. In system files, an option of ‘are not included’ will come. Now press on all is included. Now you will see all the hidden files. Now select all the files and right-click on that and select the Move to trash option. Now go to the trash and delete all the files related to that application. 

Thank you hope this will help you to delete the application from your Mac OS X. 

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