Top Signs Your Roof Needs Repair Services

Are you looking for a sign to start repairing your roof? Most people don’t really give importance to the roof over their heads until it is too late! Don’t wait until water starts leaking from the ceiling and you have to break out the buckets to pay attention to your roof. It is advised to hire services for flat roof repair ottawa to prevent any severe damage that might ensue later.

So, what are the signs that say your roof needs repair? Following is a list of things that one can take note of:

1.Leakage: Damage due to water is one of the common signs of roof damage. It can happen due to extreme weather- rainfall, snowfall, frost, etc. It can happen due to a faulty pipe system—water spots and stains. Cracks can start appearing on the ceiling. There may be water droplets, an evident sign of damping. If the ventilation is poor, moisture can also build-up, which can damage the roof.

One should also look for damages if the wall area appears to be damaged.  If there is any visible damage, one should immediately get it repaired by flat roof repair services in Ottawa.

2.Mould, Mildew, and Moss: The growth of moss can cause extensive damage. Moss, mold, and mildew can seem harmless.

However, the moss overgrows through creaks and cracks, which loosens the roof tiles and causes rotting. This is mostly seen in houses located in humid regions.

3.Wear & Tear: If your roof looks worn out and old, you can call up residential roofing services in Ottawa. Curling or buckling shingles are warning signs to look out for. This can result in more damage to your roofing due to rainfall, water damage, and frost.

The average life of a roof is 20 years. Look for signs such as curling of shingles, dirty areas, or the roof’s sagging. These signs are very subtle. However, if the roof shows a significant amount of sagging, it should be repaired immediately.

3.Splitting of the roof: A new roof can only show cracks and splits if the materials used are low-grade. An old roof can split due to aging. Usually, high temperatures can cause the shingles to expand, which can cause splitting. If the shingles crack, it can cause water leakage through the roof.

One can look for any long splits along the roof and get it repaired at the earliest to avoid expensive costs. Premium services are offered by flat roof repair in Ottawa who can minimize the damage quickly.

4.Discolouring of roof: Roof’s discoloration can be a sign of roof damage. It can, of course, decrease the aesthetic appeal of your house.

Discolouring of tiles and the appearance of dark patches can be a sign of damage due to airborne algae. This is mostly seen in warm and humid weather.

5.Ice and Frost Damage: ice and frost can cause severe damage to your building by introducing roof leaks (includes damage to underlying insulation, sheathing, attic space, drywall, etc.) or mechanical damage/abrasion to the roofing material itself.


Damage due to aging, sagging, water, and splitting are common signs of roof damage. Any cracks or water seeping should be checked at the earliest to prevent any long-term damage and to ensure safety.